Tax filing is a statutory requirement for all individuals and business in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, when left ignored, the failure to declare returns ends up increasing tax expense for both entities alike. Which is where we come in…we help you file your returns accurately, and on time.


Tax health checks are periodic exercises meant to tune your finance team and organisation leadership to the exact tax position of your enterprise. Why are so many companies conducting tax health checks? Because a vulnerable tax position is a big risk.

We’ll conduct a tax check for you – and it takes less than 7 days!

TAX planning

Corporates tend to forget to institute careful tax planning when they build and effect their business strategies. Resultantly, the lack of or poor tax planning becomes a big risk for the business. But, that’s because tax planning can be complicated.

We take care of the complexities so that you don’t have to.


If it does happen that your enterprise is sanctioned with tax penalties, you will need a partner who helps you navigate the issues in order to verify all compliance issues and manage the penalties for you. We’ve helped many businesses to minimize tax penalties and put in place measures that help then avoid re-occurrences.